Sustainable Future – ICT & Foreign Expertise Imperative In Education 

The world around us is moving steadily  and rapidly towards different distinations to meet the growing challenges for post oil and fossil-fuel era or even more seriously stated towards what we can call the post natural resources era. One exception is the solar energy which will outdate all other natural resources on earth including water and the life itself. 

This does come with a surprise as all existing knowledge and research predictions indicate that all natural resources on planet earth are, or sooner or later will be, going through peak-consumption followed by gradual decline and even annihilation. In the case of water and life it is about peak-quality and peak-life as we are also facing peak-waste and peak-pollution in this very century. However, it is only our collective human intelligence, integrated worldwide innovation and coherent hardwork combined with systematic planning and above all sustainable policies and management strategies that can save our planet from total collapse and annihilation. 

Successful transformation to sustainable future for planet Earth can not and will not be achieved without effective global dialog, shared knowledge and expertise combined with worldwide solutions and work for implementation of innovative and sustainable policies and management strategies. We can not imagine that this can be achieved by “business as usual” where only a small and localized portion of the world population has access to knowledge and expertise while the large majority of the global population lack the resources and capabilities to contribute constructively in saving planet Earth. 

It is not about finding false and destructive solutions for erasing poverty (only filling the hungry stomachs) since we will be overloading planet Earth with more blind consumption, generating and accumulating enormous waste and pollution everywhere. It is about empowering the majority of the world population with resources and capabilities to actively share the heavy responsibility for preservation and protection of our collective natural resources on earth. This is only possible if we have collective vision and mission for more sustainable future for our planet Earth. 

It is interesting to see how some first-class universities ( are taking major steps for the globalization of knowledge and increasing the mobility of expertise around the world.


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