2016 – Foresight and Top Priorities for Africa

The sixth annual Foresight Africa captures the top priorities for Africa as by 2016, offering recommendations for African and international stakeholders for creating and supporting a strong, sustainable, and successful Africa. It is hoped that the Foresight Africa 2016 will promote a dialogue on the key issues in uencing economic development in Africa  and ultimately provide sound strategies for sustaining and expanding the economic growth to all people of Africa in the years ahead.

There are major structural failures in Africa that indeed threaten the path to successful sustainable developments in particular the accelerating urbanization which is generating high density of slums in African mega-cities with uncontrolled and major drains from the rural agricultural regions. Also, the random and aggressive  exapansion of the private sector on the shoulders of very week public sectors with poor basic services for the majority of the African populations.

Read the full reports: https://www.dropbox.com/s/50x4nakzc4wus5i/foresightafrica2016_fullreport.pdf?dl=0



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