2100: Post Fossil-Fuel Era – From the known Unknowns to the Unknown Unknowns  

Humans find security in what they know, what they are familiar with and what they believe they master. Human security (http://www.un.org/humansecurity/sites/www.un.org.humansecurity/files/human_security_in_theory_and_practice_english.pdf) depends on building and establishing life-styles that are based on packages of knowledge, i.e. science and technology, that are in best cases founded on hypothesis and models that are still to be tested, examined and validated. Seeking security is a natural instinct for survival as living in an ocean of unknowns is associated with fear that can gradually grow and grow and piles up to end with panik and collapse. Feeling secure, which may or even can be run-away from reality, i.e. an illusion associated with moving with a “mainstream” even when we don’t know where it will end up. From history we know that a mainstream can not be always right, it is just a mainstream that can mean escape from fear and from the unknowns that can be knowns or unknowns. For decades we were moving and still moving with a global mainstream “fossil-fuel” driven by blind economy and some  packages of science and technology that we are mastering for the sake of short-term survival though not sustainable on the long-term but even destructive. 

Now everything is turned upside down, and our secured mainstream collapsed, with failing life-quality everywhere. The quality of life for all of us is degrading and dragging us in a spiral of unending anhilation. The quality of life is fading away and not any longer a priority but an option and even it is only for few of us for the sake of economical survival. An economical survival “capitalism” and not even for everyone and what was for everyone “socialism” didn’t last and failed to deliver the most essential for survival “equality in quality”. 

Our new reality, i.e. post fossil-fuel era is calling for tectonic shifts to”post-capitalist” (http://gu.com/p/4ay9c?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other) and “post-socialism” (https://www.dukeupress.edu/postsocialism-and-cultural-politics).

Nevertheless, not all the science and technology that were supposed to provide sustainable security as measured in terms of life-quality was wrong as fortunately few of us believed in exploring what most of us didn’t believe in or felt uncomfortable and an inconvenient truth. Few of us went against the mainstream to search about the unknowns that are shaking the stability of life on earth and to question the knowns that are driving the mainstream. 

The world population is moving away from a known insecurity “global warming” to an new unknown insecurity “post fossil-fuel era”. An insecure future as we don’t know much about it yet, only few of us may know. With this said, the majority of us are not even prepared to change their life-styles as they not yet have access to the necessary education, resources and infra-structure to do so. Above all the only thing we know at the moment is that we will be facing an enormous challenge to limit the average global surface temperature increase to 2°C (3.6°F). Indeed, we are stepping away from an existing insecurity resulting from being dependent on unclean energy resources to a future insecurity of implementing technology that is not accessible and affordable for everyone especially in a world with population structure that will look very much different by the end of this century (http://wapo.st/148nw27).


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