Dealing with Global Warming – An Imperative Collective Challenge and A Tectonic Transformation in Life-Style 

The Human journey for dealing collectively, practically and proptly with global warming is starting from today after the end of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris ( Though journey started already decades ago where the world became gradually convinced about the enormous negative impacts of global warming. Indeed, the discovery of the effects of carbon dioxide on the global climate took place more than halv a century ago (

The successful outcome of the meeting as expressed in the documentation of the Paris meeting can be summarized in COP21 Agreement ( of the Paris climate conference. A binding agreement and roadmap that will put our earth on a long-term sustainable track to limit the increase in the global average temperature to safe levels by year 2100. 

From now and on for generations to come the world will be going through tectonic transformation from fossil-fuel based life-style to more and more renewable energy-based industry, agriculture, household and economy. The key issues now are how to translate the Paris agreement to practical implementation agenda, action policies and handling plans in all sectors and on all levels worldwide. It is, indeed, a tectonic transformation for generations to come.

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