Universities as Drivers of Societies in Transformation Phases

Collapse of political structures, economic pressures, constrains in natural resources, and large-scales and long-term socio-economic changes towards sustainable societies force new needs for effective and dynamic synergetic “society-university” interactions.

Higher education (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higher_education), including research institutes, is inevitable what regards forcing major transformation in societies around the world. Ongoing globalization and socio-economic changes towards sustainable societies are very much coupled to the transformation in higher education itself as our world itself is in constant and fast changes and shifts.

Transformation of societies is driven by economic, political, social and cultural as well as religious powers and thereby  strategically important for building coupled “university-society” synergies for societies in transformation. In considering how universities can have effective role in coupled “university-society” synergies the following issues are of huge value: curriculum; quality and standards; diversification in teaching, research and society interactions; changes in access policies; student profiles and experiences; and  academic responses to change. 

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