Lessons Learned – World Leaders Miscalculation and Short-Sighted Politics in Africa and MENA Regions

Refugee crises and tragedies for millions of war-victims in the MENA region resulting from post-WII non-ending “war-peace” conditions have serious long-term and large-scale socio-economic impacts on several scales. Especially for young people with very limited future possibilities what regards education and work on all levels. This is very much reflected in an extremely serious situation facing all world leaders  (http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/09/eu-pledges-11bn-agencies-refugees-150923182915943.html). While Europe and the U.S.A. have very limited possibilities to offer in this context the MENA region itself have to face its unfortunate fate and severe harsh reality for generations to come.

Yet, Africa has to cope with its complex large-scale socio-economic difficulties and threats resulting from an enormous pile-up of poverty everywhere in all the African continent. The poverty in Africa has developed over centuries, and the reasons are quite known. It can not be solved over-night and huge efforts are needed also from the developed world to assist in the long journey of transformation towards a more sustainable future. This is why the African countries are illuminating their cities to urge leaders to take action now. We do not need to wait until Africa runs in constant conflicts and wars as well. (http://newsghana.com.gh/african-countries-illuminates-cities-to-urge-leaders-to-take-action/. 


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