Abuse of ICT and Modern Threats of Cyber-Bullying Using Electronic Technology

Social media are web-based instruments, virtually opened for everyone with no exceptions to produce, exchange and share information. As understood by the public and agreed upon they are supposed to connect people and promote social relationships between them. We all assume that they are based on truthful, real and true facts that deserve respect. In sustainable societies using modern technologies, ICT “Information Communication Technology” as any other technology is part of complex socio-economic infrastructures that should have balanced interactions to constructively increase and enrich prosperity. The role of ICT is not to create, support or accelerate social conflicts and segregation where true and civilized communication get exchanged for network-bullying, hatred, falsehood and slander.

Everything happens online on the web have consequences for our societies at large especially the social relations between people and the interaction among citizens, family, education, technology, government, and the market in general. How these relations and interactions are dealt with and regulated is basic element of public security, safety and stability in any society. Clear rules and fair laws should exist to prevent the increased abuse of social media where everything illegal can very easily spread and strengthened. Social media has evolved tremendously to become the main source of information and knowledge where “freedom of opinion” needs not to be abused, misused and exploited to increase hate, instabilities and call for crime in modern ICT-based societies.


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