Smart Phones – Can Science Be Wrong? Does Technology, Industry and Politics Support the Market with no consideration to Wellbeing?

For humans safety and security are not options in life but they are basic necessities. We love things when they are good, i.e. have add-value, being safe and secure for us. We hate things when they are bad.

However, it is always a dilemma for us and a continuous challenge everyday, everywhere, to know and to judge when things are good or not? In modern times, these issues are being amplified and the threats facing us have been accelerating and expanding enormously. This is not per se because science is unable to provide the best possible answers and solutions. Science is only an instruments that we can shape, reshape, form and reform as well as to refine for our benefits and welfare of humans. Meanwhile, it is a paradox to judge how science is being used by industries, and how it impacts on the complex chain of market interactions and the communication between politicians, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and the users in general.

Without hesitation Information Communication Technology “ICT” is establishing itself more and more as essential and imperative technology of enormous impacts on everyday life everywhere. Uses and applications will continue to increase and even accelerate with further expansion and propagation in all aspects of our everyday life needs. The so-called “wireless appliances” are penetrating more and more deep in our lives. The debate on whether or not wireless technology ( is safe for all of us, including all ages, and under all conditions and circumstances is becoming more and more intensive and contradicting. Are all threats related directly to levels of electromagnetics radiation? or are the threats indirectly related to how wireless tools are being used or the way how we perceive, respond and use ICT in our lives. In this context, there is an increasing mistrust somewhere in the chain of communication science-technology-industry-entrepreneurship-market-politics-users.

Dr. Olle Johansson, M.D., Stockholm Sweden, world famous for being responsible for awarding the Nobel Prize in medicine, has studied the effects of mobile phones, Wifi etc on humans since over 20 years. He finds that the brain tumor issue is a minor thing compared to many other harmful effects including genetic damage, sleep disturbances, reduced learning capacity, concentration difficulties and psychological problems. Professor Johansson is also critical about the politicians taking risks with the whole population in spite of repeated earnest warnings from scientists. He points out that the level of eclectromagnetic exposure that humans are exposed to is huge compared with what has been there for very long periods of time. The question for science is why do we do research? Why sometines the research is acceptable by politicians and sometimes not? In this case, if radiation from wireless tools is not dangerous, then a large number of high quality scientific papers reporting harmful effects of the radiation hazards must be wrong, but it is highly unlikely. 

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