Lessons to be learned – Technology and Livelihood Improvement in the Rural Areas of Asia.

Among the consequences of economy driven policies in ASEAN countries is the increasing economic gaps between countries in the region. For sustainable large-scale and long-term socio-economic developments it is vital to promote less developed countries as well. Shift from commercially driven agriculture to new technologies where the regional natural resources are not only used sufficiently but, also, sustainably managed in a manner that respect traditional systems of the rural areas. 

Commercialization always has some draw-backs as well, e.g. depletion soil fertility, and excessive use of chemical fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides with long-term impacts and threats on ecosystems in different ways. Strategies need to be implemented to create sustainable and profitable farming systems that realize the existence of vital rural societies in tact with the natural functioning and metabolism of natural eco-systems and in harmony with existing biodiversity.

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