Would Modern ICT-Based Civilization Collapse As Previous Ones.

Advances of science, the transfer and use of technology require not only common languages but also effective communication and immediate transfer, validation and use of knowledge. These requirements are imperative for bringing about global, or at least regional, sustainably-based technological civilization. Though knowledge in itself has expanded enormously we are facing an ever increasing, if not accelerating, gaps between where knowledge is produced and where knowledge is needed.
Failure to bridge and narrow these gaps is likely to cause collapse because of expanding majority of outsiders that are more and more marginalized by the severe requirements from the minority that have unlimited access to knowledge.

This was the very reason for the collapse of many several previous civilizations, e.g. ancient Egyptian, roman, Islamic-Arabic, ….. https://fatarana.wordpress.com/2008/12/25/arabic-science-the-language/


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