The Price of Poverty – Modern Wars Are Poverty Wars

Throughout human history, in the evolution of many ancient civilizations and during the formation of many cultures, POVERTY has been of tremendous threats for stability, the breakdown of socio-economic structures and development of large-scale and long-term risk for wars. For several reasons these threats developed and piled up to global realities in many urban and rural regions around the world. The problem now is not only fighting POVERTY but to deal with its consequences everywhere and on all levels.

For many centuries, in particular in modern times, there have been continuous debates about how to bring about welfare socio-economic systems. Though economic models were/are primarily concerned with promotion of production and consumption, there have been no room for understanding POVERTY. It was left to expand and establish itself in a world struggling for affordable peace, security and safety under new realities of shrinking natural resources, environment and climate degradation. Above all, majority of the world growing population will still be facing less resources for food, education and health. The very question that is facing us is: how would POVERTY be solved if its roots are allowed to expand even deeper and deeper. POVERTY is not lack of food, it is rather lack of accessibility and affordability to all the modern features of civilization otherwise we are, without hesitation, heading to stone ages. Erasing POVERTY is about “serve and get served with focus on quality”.


One thought on “The Price of Poverty – Modern Wars Are Poverty Wars

  1. Farid El-Daoushy

    Poverty in different forms and extensions do exist in all existing economic, social and cultural structures or systems around the world. Poverty has always existed but in different forms and extensions. To control poverty you need to have instruments and tools to monitor and measure poverty. If don’t measure it you would not be able to control it. Monitoring and measuring poverty, by being pile-up of large-scale and long-term defects, is not a straightforward process unless it is understood and correlated with the various drivers that are causing it. Many countries, or at least some, were successful in making enormous steps to eras poverty, as is the case in Europe after two major destructive wars W-I and W-II.


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