Warning About Fish – Don’t Eat Fish Unless You Know The Origin?

Unfortunately, there are growing global fear about the quality of seafood and fish that are either wild in polluted waters or farmed in toxic waters. Such unfit fish for eating, i.e. with high levels of toxic pollutants, is available in the market as control instruments are either ineffective or non-existing.

For different reasons the water quality where fish is grown is facing considerable pollution threats because of acute water shortages, water supplies contaminated by sewage, industrial waste and agricultural runoff that includes pesticides. These pollution threats are accelerating because of increasing pressures on water resources and unavailable/limited regulations for fish farming in many regions around the world. Farmers, for example, have coped with the toxic waters by mixing illegal veterinary drugs and pesticides into fish feed, which helps keep their stocks alive yet leaves poisonous and carcinogenic residues in seafood. Many people started to work with fish faring without enough knowledge and in areas with little or no control. This introduces enormous health threats to consumers where environmental degradation has become a food safety problem. Indeed, the long-term risks of consuming contaminated seafood could lead to higher rates of cancer and liver disease and other afflictions. “Sustain-earth.com” will follow these issues and give further information and details on these issues.


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