Promoting ‘ESG’ in Egypt – MOGTAM3i.TECH Plans to Achieve 2030 SDGs.

Already before the Paris Agreement several major structural changes emphasizing the importance of social value and the use of technology to serve the community have taken roots in Egypt after a very long period of recession. Though the path has been full of obstacles and not at all straightforward many technology serving communities have succeeded to be developed and established. Using science and technology as instruments for overall economic and social developments and for better services to the citizens has been among national policies. Also, for increasing the socio-economic empowerment of youth, women, people with disabilities and vulnerable segments, and opening new horizons for social entrepreneurs and new ventures for job creations, and for achievements of the global sustainable development goals.

A leading organization, ‘ACSR’ The Arab Council for Social Responsibility, with the mission to transform its programmes and activities from concept to value for the society and economy, has taken major and serious steps to implement actions on different sectors and levels ( The has a Facebook page demostrating their activities (

MOGTAM3I.TECH is a Technology Serving Community for light on the impact of technology on the overall economic and social development towards the provision of better services to the citizens and to empower the social fabrics of the society across all sector activities. See more at ( This is indeed among the growing interest to strengthen ESG ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’;

See how ESG is taking roots in Egypt

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