USA 2016-Election: Khan & Taxes are Key Issues

In presidential elections issues of socio-economic importance show up in public debates and can mobilize the public opinion in one direction or another. In this context, the citizens across the different political spectra of the society examine and re-examine the political views of the cadidates running for presidency. In such process several critical issues, that are likely to reshape the future and the political structure of the society, pops up to the surface. 

There is a growing concern about the increasing economic imparities around the world, i.e. accelerating gaps between the rich and the poor both vertically “income” and horizontally “number”. Poverty has been and remains to be a serious global threat for long-term and large-scale sustainability of economy, safety and stability. Also, immigrantion and integration policies are emerging as key issues in socio-economic developments around the world. With our global Rear-View-Mirrors and historical experiences, politics are taking new tracks for better security, safety and socio-economic stability. In this context, the engagement of citizens in national and international politics and affairs through active role of media, key players and influencers, is becoming more and more evident as is the case of the 2016-elections in the USA (

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