Refugees of Post Iraq War – An Insult and Shame of Human Values 

The migration crisis keeps expanding as millions of victims of the post Iraq war have no certain situation and being lost in huge uncertainties with homes, no future and nowhere to go. Add to this the the emerging social instabilities and crimes in Europe because of either conflicting cultures, difficulties for integration or desperation (

The situation in large parts in the MENA region can very-well be compared to the conditions in Europe after WW-II. However, the future scenarios in the MENA region are much much different as compared to those existed in Europe and the world after WW-II. Except for a very small fraction, the future looks very uncertain and dramatic for millions of people in the MENA region. It is simply tragic and an insult to all human values. 

The refugees remain to be time-bombs endangering the stability in many parts not only in the MENA region but also in  neighboring areas for years to come ( The refugee crisis is putting Europe under great constrains ( It is simply because the system does not work as it was not designed for what we have right now, hundreds of thousands of refugees. 


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