The Nobel Peace Prize 2015 – The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet 

The Nobel Peace Prize 2015 was awarded to National Dialogue Quartet “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011”.
The adoption of a new Tunisian constitution at the end of January has been hailed as a major milestone in the country’s democratic transition. The national dialogue process that brought Tunisia to this point is noteworthy for at least two reasons. First, the mediators in this case were insiders with a stake in the outcome. Second, changes in context, beyond the control of either party, significantly altered the strategic calculations of the negotiators and opened the window to an agreement ( Several celebrations in Tunisia addressed the importance of the ongoing transition to democracy (Tunisia Celebrating The New Constitution, e.g.

Among the international reflections on the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet are those being recently debated and released to the media in Europe (

More about the announcement and motivations of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize is given here, start your video at around 31 minutes!

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