Quality of Certified Food – How Good Is Good?

We leaned in our daily life experiences that “no fire without smoke”. Indeed, many of us started to lose confidence in food quality and have observed on many occasions disappointing situations. That doesn’t come without reasons or surprises as we are already familiar about many environmental abuses on several levels. In additions to this, violations of rules and quality guide-lines are existing worldwide as economic terms in production and services have sometimes higher priorities than quality standards. 

Here are some few examples why our food quality can be questioned. I personally have experienced number of violations even in best shops in Europe (in this case very few) where bread and cheese can be suspected for exposure to rat droppings, see for example (http://www.raising-happy-chickens.com/rat-droppings.html). 

In developing countries sanitation and poor water quality can pose additional threats in food production as the risk of exposure of food to insets and certain dwelling animals, e.g. rats,  can be high. 

Here are some warnings about existing problems in processed food even through legally accepted quality guide-lines (http://youtu.be/T75ULFUgEPk).


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