Sustainable Urbanization – ICT, Green Materials & Sensors for Automation and Control 

Sustain-Earth.Com will expand on issues of relevance for the accelerating importance ofICT “Information Communication Technology and Green Materials. Sustainability in global urbanization requires using wide-range of “Sensors for Automation and Control” both within city-systems, e.g. Individual buildings and city-services, and between internal and external city-systems, i.e. on regional, national and global levels.

Here is an example of early implementation of the building automation systems (BAS) into the development of the construction documents results in a highly functional “systems” approach. BAS requirements are continually changing as building owners expect more from their systems in the areas of energy management, safety, security, interoperability, lighting, and maintenance. BAS specialists ensure that each building automation delivers optimum performance and operation at a competitive price.

More examples and solutions will be given in the future where local and regional weather and climate as well as environment and social-economic conditions will require an increasing complexity of sensor systems and ICT-solutions especially what regards coupling rural and urbane regions.


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