Preparing Yourself For Higher Studies and Other Career-Development-Plans.

Preparing yourself for higher studies and for embarking on new “Career-Development-Plans, e.g. at universities, requires careful planning and robust management plans to meet occasional, and probably frequent  constrains of, tight “time and economy” budgets. In advance preparations of housing, local transportation, how to solve unexpected socially, economically and knowledge related obstacles are essential. To have quick strategies and solutions, of how, who and when, are essential for continuity in your studies and “Career-Development-Plans.

One of the major challenges in our lives is always the same for all of us and converges to making proper decisions in critical transitional periods. Some examples are changing schools in connection with ending one stage of education and embarking on a new and different one; changing destination to study in  a new country with a different culture and language; or even moving into a new city and leaving behind your social network of friends and relatives. Major parts of your security and safety will be freely given up in exchange of new challenges and opportunities. This will mean new risks and threats but unlimited opportunities for major breakthroughs as well. In a society we are always surrounded with devils and engels, so the social game dictates to sort out which is which to survive the critical periods and to create new security and safety shelters.

Student finance” is a major issue that you need to be prepared for and here are some facts about it ( It is also good to get a great deal of real advices from experienced international students, e.g. as the case described here at the University of Michigan. In this case, support and guidance from the International Center, and the Rackham Graduate School, were  provided to ease the cultural transition that generally confornt all international students. Specially what regards adjusting to a new culture, expanding the network of friends and connecting with the international community in large (

The so-called “Cultural Shock” is being described by the Oxford Dictionary by a classic 5-stage model. It is explained by disorientation experienced when one is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life. “Culture Shocks” mean, also, going through periods of frustration, adjustment, and even depression.

An additional special case is being a Ph.D. student with a family and children, how does it work in this case. Here is an example: 
( In many careers, as well, having a family may require periods of new and additional challenges involving

“” will continue to expand on different interesting components of the educational issues.


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