Is Misconduct in Sport and Football Different Than Other Professional Misconduct?

What makes researchers different than other professionals? Are they as much the same as football, sport players and other professionals. Science, and a researcher, is very much critical about falsification of results as the nature of science itself is to seek and uncover reality and to know what is unknown and changing the unknowns to knowns. Professionals are supposed to provide services to the society and their follow citizens  as well. And, on the long run and in a free democratic society they have to do a good job that they can be proud of. This is also very important of running the society in terms of safety, security and long term stability and social coherency. Many many people hate corruptions, no-one likes to be cheated and societies have long struggles for achieving sustainable socio-economic developments. This is why we have referees, examinators, courts, judges, lawyers, etc. but are these instruments enough? As researchers are trained on checking each other and expected to react strongly on what may go wrong especially in high quality journals, the scientific community still has things to worry about. Falsification of data and misconduct in science is on the rise and we may expect additional instruments and resources to cope with the complex pattern of sophistication (

Successful policies for coping with academic misconduct is a measure of the quality of the education and research. It is an important component of the management procedures and policies of academies and institutions ( Several new routines are now in place for making better decisions and appropriate selection of proposals and candidates for funding of strategic research projects, e.g. two-stage or cascade-steps of submission of applications, interviews, public debates, examination and evaluation committees, qualification lectures and oral discussions.

The culture of sport and football with referee teams, modern instrumentation and associated supporting control systems for the selection of the best may have increased our awareness about correct performance and uncovering the misconduct in professionalism (


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