MENA – Joining The Nuclear Club?

With growing probabilities that Iran will become the First Nation in the MENA region to join the world Nuclear Club then one can already ask who is next, why and what would be the future? (

Going back in history there are logic questions to ask; was it right for the Americans to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to halt the war that killed millions of people and caused enormous damage? What lessons did we learn? Can we recall the disastrous huge damage that resulted from the fall of nuclear bombs? If so, why the members of countries joining the nuclear club is still increasing? Where there any wisdom for the decision that the bombs saved many lives as WW-II was brought to an end? What was the fate of WW-II if it continued? If we were getting wiser, why are we then initiating new wars and seeking more weapons? Would we bring more peace to the world which has already many threats (

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