Clean and Crime Free Environment – How, Where and When?

Clean and crime free environment to all living creatures on our earth is a mission humanity. This mission is not only limited to science and politics. Active contributions of all of us, our awareness of existing realities and our continuous support for scientific and political efforts are IMPERATIVE for achieving sustainable socio-economic developments worldwide. We are sharing one planet for living and our lives are dependent on sharing clean air, water and food. To have clean and crime free environment, not only for us but also for the future generations, we need to have all the necessary instruments, actions and efforts for conservation and protection of our common natural resources on earth.

One thought on “Clean and Crime Free Environment – How, Where and When?

  1. Hossam Elewa

    Right, we can not differentiate good environment from the anthropogenic practices. Mal anthropogenic practices on the surrounding environment are usually related to the uncultured social practices that inevitably need hard work to be awarded.


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