A New Era of Global Water Disasters and Water Refugees

Waters around the world are facing a new era of threats with accelerating disasters, pressures and constrains due to global warming, waste and pollution. Water scarcity and degradation in water and ecological qualities are creating crises for wild habitats and human civilizations. Many seas, rivers, lakes, and underground water reserves around the world are either lost or losing their aquatic resources with serious impacts on the livelihoods of hundreds of millions people, animals, farming, lives, electricity, and threatening further environment and climate changes.

Chinas Salween River, Europe’s Danube, South America’s la Plata, North American Rio Grande, India’s Ganges, Pakistan’s Indus, Africa’s Nile and Lake Victoria, Australia’s Murray Darling, Southeast Asia’s Mekong-Lancang, China’s Yangtze due to dams, over-extraction, overfishing and climate change. In addition to the threats of global warming and human activities; waste and pollution from industry, agriculture and household further worsen the quality of waters.

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