Philippines – My House is in the Sea

Climate change, whether it is of natural or man-made origin, is demostrating its enormous power in creating gigamtic disasters around the globe. Yet 2014 is bringing unending news about abnormal weather conditions of threats never known before in modern history.

The Typhoon Halyan (The Guardian 8th of May 2014), the largest and most violent Typhoon in recorded history, turned Philippines upside down in a state of chaos where more than 16 000 000 (sixteen millions) people across the country had been affected. The social welfare department provided, so far, shelter support to more than half a million of households, still 200 000 people need to be resettled and more that 52 000 families are living in tents in danger zones.

Just about two weeks ago, i.e. the last days of April 2014, a huge Tornado swept over the southern and central parts of the United States with at least 19 people dead and huge economic damages in Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi of living areas, infrastructures, houses, trailers, motor homes, …… Watch the outcome of an accelerating threats of climate change that are taking place on wider scales and stronger levels.

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