Why “Sustain-Earth.com”

Currently, sustainability is generally treated in a theoretical manner with demonstrations of the negative impacts of over-consumption and the miss-management of natural resources. However, in a world with increasing population we can hardly continue with “business as usual”. We need to go over to practical solutions, i.e. “Applied Sustainability”. Transformation to more sustainable approaches worldwide and in all society sectors will not take place over-night.

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  1. Farid El-Daoushy

    Thanks Bijit Dutta, I forwarded an invitation for LinkedIn connection with you. I hope we can find something in common to work on together. I am also a physicist who used physics and chemistry to study environmental and climate changes in particular to follow the spatio-temporal evolution of water status.

    With my very best regards/
    Farid El-Daoushy
    Professor em
    Uppsala University


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