The Water Institute of South Africa “WISA”.

WISA was officially formed in 1987, not as a body that had been spontaneously created at that time but as one that had evolved over more than half a century incurring several name changes en route.

The mission of WISA is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and views to improve water resource management in Southern Africa. Its objectives include inter alia ‘the promotion of and application of scientific and engineering knowledge and management skills in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, investigation, research and education in connection with the natural and controlled water cycle, including but not be limited to the application of scientific engineering and management skills to all or any of hydrology water resources, river management and flood alleviation, recreation, water supply and distribution, sewerage, sewage and industrial waste treatment, disposal and water pollution control.’

Visit the homepage of WISA and learn more about its activities.

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