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Strategic issues about African Energy and related information on all forms of energy, including renewables, can be followed at:

African Energy is published by Cross-border Information (CbI) which is a trusted source of business intelligence with a long established research focus on the politics, energy and financial sector trends of Africa and the Middle East. It has specialist team of research analysts continually monitor commercial and political activity across our core regions, providing bespoke political risk analysis, corporate intelligence and due diligence services based on decades of experience tracking and analysing developments in these markets. It provide services to understand the dynamics at play in complex political and corporate environments. Supported by leading business information products African Energy and GSN our multidisciplinary team of experienced analysts employ an extensive network of local contacts and sources to help identify trends and potential hotspots, often long before they are picked up by mainstream international media.

CBI-information is based on independent research and staff expertise allowing to deliver a range of services carefully tailored to meet clients needs and help with information on investment decisions. CbI has worked with a wide variety of clients throughout the world, including governments and their agencies, financial institutions and energy companies, to help them with policy, strategy and investment decisions. The staff at CBI has vast experience of both working directly with clients in the public and private sectors and providing sub-contracting services to help companies seeking to answer clients’ questions. Read more about the CbI team

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