Traveling, Sharing Life, Cultures and Enjoying Beautiful Looking Food 

Traveling involves recreation, visiting friend and relatives and very often a tool for experiencing different cultures. It is, also, a convenient way for social gathering, providing services and help but ejoying food from various wonderful places around the world.

Being away from hard working days at offices, in public services or in various types of field work, which can often mean long periods of isolation, silence, physical and mental stress, is becoming a neccessity. Although we can all feel passionated about our work, a true free day to day passion in journeys and enjoyment of food is inevitable. Beautifully organized markets and garnished plates at restaurants make our hearts race with excitement.  

Inviting friends may mean visiting the farmer’s market, getting menu inspirations, being in the kitchen, setting the table, lighting the candles, choosing the music, polishing the silverware, and whatever you afford to do for preparations. Cooking in the kitchen can be an effective form of meditation.  It’s the only time that your mind is truly free and light, completely devoid of distracting thoughts, in safe, warm and peaceful time. Such is the power of food and social gathering away from virtual meeting in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, or whatever modern social media is forcing us to consume.

Traveling makes your time full of curiosity for foreign cultures, historical sights and exotic customs in distant deserts, under sea waters among reefs and exotic animals. Your journeys can be enriched from witnessing the true meaning of suffering from poverty and death and the joy of triumph while sharing and providing humanitarian help and saving the lives of others.

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