NanoFood – The Role of Nano-Technolgies in Natural Waters

Nano-technology is emerging more and more with many new technologies and products of diverse importance and impacts in daily life (

Among new technolgies and products are those related to nanofood. According to a definition in a recent report, emanated from “Nano-technology in Agriculture and Food”, food is “nanofood” when nanoparticles, nanotechnology techniques or tools are used during cultivation, production, processing, or packaging of the food and does not necessarily mean modified food or food produced by nanomachines. Nonofood is coming more and more in our fridges and food producers promise potential benefits where world largest food manufacturers are, already, blazing the trail of investment in food industries. However, the ongoing debate over nanofood safety and regulations has slowed the introduction of nanofood products. The needs for research and development will continue to increase and thrive. So far, most of the larger companies are keeping their research activities and news rather quite (

Nano-food production is very much related to the management of natural water resources, by being the main factor for food production, though food-processing is also very important ( Nano-technology is, also, equally important for water treatment (

The nexuses water-energy-food is growing in complexity with enormous expansion of the global needs for sustainable socio-economic developments of our environmental systems

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