EveryDay Life and Modern Perception of Energy 

Human perception of energy keeps changing with time and from place to place. Generally speaking in modern life our understanding of energy is very much emanating from real everyday life needs. Accelerating pressures and competition on the declining natural resources dictates new realities hardly existed in the twenty-century where progress in science and technology was enormous but far from being SUSTAINABLE.

In Einstien’s era energy, however, was merely focused on microscopic and laboratory scale, e.g. its physical meaning in particular the concept of “conservation of energy”. Little attention was given to the diverse realities and needs in everyday life. Even in education and research, what concerns the quality of energy and the consequences associated with its production and use. This unfortunately has caused severe and serious negative impacts  in the society, e.g. industry and technology application. These negative impacts piled up and are now seen on the large-scale and everywhere with remarkable damage on the quality of all life forms. To divert the situation and to achieve sustainable socio-economic developments is not a simple matter and can not be done overnight. Science, politicians, professionals and policy-makers have a new mission to secure future generations and make the earth a safe and secure home for its inhabitants.

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