My Thoughts, Your Thoughts and Our Thoughts

My blog “sustain-earth”. I always needed someone in my real life to be curious and excited about the flow of thoughts that I bring in “sustain-earth”. My thoughts that makes me, your thoughts that derives me and all the thoughts that make our living and shape our reality, good or bad and for better or worse, no one really knows. But we need this as we can not run away from our lives. I always needed to share our living and the realities of everyday life, at home, in our families, at work, in our free time and out there in the world. I needed to feel my and our existence, and our engagement to understand life and shape it. Alone you and me worth nothing but together we can be something, YES WE CAN. Some friend asks me sometimes how is it going with you and your blog? My blog, it is about our thoughts, their evolution and how they would look like in the future. Good anyhow to hear and find someone caring and realizing your being and existence, we need this all and it is why we are blogging. It can be a scary thing to tell everything and be naked but that is our modern reality with all the social media that takes layers and layers of what we have on us and what we bear in our minds. Then commented I don’t really know much about blogging but I am happy about the stuff in it and the time you put in it to tell how things are, the needs and the values in our life. Thoughts are what drives our handling for good or bad, it is then your turn to share with us your thoughts and made the good to be better the bad to vanish. 

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