ICT and Market Transition – From Connecting People to Connecting Machines

Information Communication Technology “ICT” is changing very fast, as everything else around us. “ICT” is not any longer a matter of social media where Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, … etc. are instruments for connecting people, it will continue to expand its innovations to connecting machines and users of technologies. In this context, it is not only about connecting machines to machines but machines to users so even the wheels of production, consumption and communication spins even faster and faster by coupling technology and engineers to people and customers and not only people to people in much passive and “business-as usual” manner. Every one of us can imagine changing the Internet communication and traffic from having 3 billion people interacting to involving over 50 billions machines with interactive communication.

Bringing technology and engineers near to the customers and consumers is something that is need, so as technology can be better understood especially what it is best needed for, also when, where and why.

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