A Note from “sustain-earth” on Artificial Recharge of Groundwater

Water management is an important part of landscape architecture of increasing importance in rural areas where appropriate and sustainable technologies are highly lacking due to un-coordinated and random expansion in urbanization. Rural areas especially in the developing countries are of crucial importance not only for agriculture, agro-industries and production of food but also for generation of jobs, maintaining socio-economic and cultural heritages in these regions. Integration and engagement of the rural population in water management are imperative for successful long-term and large-scale implementation of such policies.

Appropriate and sustainable management of water resources involves developing supplementary Key Performance Indicators “KPI” for monitoring and assessing the consequences of the interference of man in the environment and possible feedbacks impacts on water quality status and changes through short-term and long-term approaches. This would require net-work of sensors, field-work, sampling and modeling activities and can provide effective tools for rehabilitation, conservation and protection of water resources.


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