Sustainable Socio-Economies – Is a Quality in Serve and Get Served

Successful socio-economic policies around the world depend on a simple strategy where “Serve and Get Served” should be of national concern focusing on “Quality as a Goal”. Transformation to sustainable socio-economies is becoming a global struggle to formulate policies for every citizen to use “natural resources” with minimal loss “waste”. It is about how to create “political-stakeholder-citizen” collaboration to utilize “natural resources” effectively while keeping waste and consumption under control. We are not all participating in such solutions and we even left  the consumption of natural resources and production of waste to go hand in hand to promote failing realities where threats to all life forms and degradation in all life qualities are piling up in major parts on our planet.

Successful examples around the world demonstrate that sustainable socio-economic solutions start by listening to the needs of the citizen and enpowering them to participate in “serve and get served” with focus on national quality. To achieve global socio-economic developments we should go the same path as successful nations with focus on listening to and engaging citizens.

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