Global Crisis in Bottled Water – How Healthy Is Healthy

Many food and beverages we buy from the market don’t give any information on toxic levels which make food stores to offer safer products the so-called “eco-products” with almost double the price of normal products, eco-milk, eco-cheese, eco-vegetables, eco-fruits, ……. and the list keeps growing. It wouldn’t surprise me to see “eco-water” given on bottled water as well “coming soon”. Many reports from several countries around the world give data demonstrating  degradation in water quality of bottled water. The reasons are very simple and are expected, the quality of “natural” surface and ground water are suffering from severe pollution problems and the threats are expanding. Even in regions where natural waters are expected to be of high quality, e.g. Europe, we can still find reports about increasing degradation as new compounds and toxics keep injected to the hydrosphere. will report on the increasing health threats that are associated with bottled water.

One thought on “Global Crisis in Bottled Water – How Healthy Is Healthy

  1. Mathew Langol

    Dr. I am currently sampling different bottled water under cold and room temperature storage for shelf life and quality, and can tell you, that odors and tastes, are not promising. Very sorry!


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