Detroit – Management of Water in Developing and Developed Countries.

Management of drinking water is becoming a global issue and it is not any longer a problem in the developing countries but it is, also, appearing in developed countries as well. National Geographic along with other news media, e.g. “The Guardian” are describing the accelerating demands on water resources, in particular the decreasing accessibility and affordability to drinking water. In this case it is Detroit, USA, which indeed is situated in a region rich in fresh-water resources:;

According to “The Associated Press ABC 7 News” Detroit water shutoff controversy ignited nationwide debate in the USA

A pressing and urgent question now is: how would drinking water be treated in the future and how far would we go on with privatization of drinking water. Also, how would the pricing of drinking water look like in the future and how public drinking water facilities be financed?  These are typical management issues where policy-makers should be prepared to deal with.

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