Water and the Top 25 prettiest natural places on Earth

The magic actions and power of water have been the major drivers for the creation of the most beautiful natural places on earth which can be seen in Turkey, China, Columbia, Thailand, Iceland, Indonesia, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Maldives Islands, Norway, Venezuela, Australia, Canada, France, Croatia, Northern Vietnam, Seychelles Islands, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Alaskan glaciers, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Among these natural formations from the long journey of evolution are: volcanic deposits; natural mountain forests; exotic waters and marvelous lakes; beautiful islands and exotic fjords embedded in green mountain landscape; water falls; forested and exotic islands; mountain rivers; spectacular green landscape; glacial mountains; virgin beaches; national parks; sea reefs with exotic sea life; canyons and rocky mountains; ocean Polynesians, exotic vegetation’s and fauna; limestone’s mountains; ice formations; sand and rocky deserts; the Alps; and rocky coasts; wadis and oasis.

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