Norwegian Triple Innovation – Global Warming, Food Production and Water Saving!

Pioneer experiments to be carried out by Norwegian scientists, at the Technological Center Mongstad, to capture carbon dioxide and turn it into food, in form of algae, for fish farming in sea water. This means reducing global warming, enhancing bio-production and conservation of fresh-water. Similar innovations where natural resources are being used as essential parts for multi-solutions of complex threats are needed in long-term and large-scale policies to mitigate the collective threats from global warming, i.e. fresh-water scarcity, food constrains and other associated impacts from climate change threats.

The new technique could, in theory, absorb the gases responsible for global warming and at the same time provide sustainable fish food. It involves, also, production of omega-3 rich raw material for fish feed from algae. Fish need Omega-3 fatty acids that can be hard to get in the farmed fish sector, however in natural habitats fish accumulate these essential chemicals by ingesting algae. Farmed fish cannot do this and instead require a food supplement.

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