Birds-of-Paradise – Astounding Beauty of Most exquisitely Specialized Animals on Earth!

Beyond the African Wildlife Safari, there are other extremes of veritable living textbooks on adaptation and sexual selection. A world of beauty and behavior intertwined in a spectacle not possible any other place on earth.

Unlike any creatures “The Birds-of-Pardise” are one of the most astounding phenomena ever witnessed on earth. They transform themselves to something you never seen before. They swagger, serenade; they dance, and display in the very heart of their natural environment, the forest. They are found in the nearly impenetrable mountains and valleys of the Island of New Guinea; in the greatest remaining tract of rain forest in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

An amazing research by evolutionary biologist Ed Scholes and wildlife photographer Tim Laman. A decade of photographing, analyzing and recording every move, every behavior of “The Birds-of-Paradise” in attempt to uncover and understand their secrets and in doing so revealing extreme examples of the miracle of evolution. How did that can happen, how did that come to be and why just in this part of the world and in rain-forest environments.

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