Siberian Hermits Who Didn’t Know That World War II Took Place!

This is a lesson to be learned about how previous generations survived the extreme conditions on earth, i.e. somewhat similar to the environment of the ice ages.

Agafia Lykov born 1944 in the Siberian wilderness, she has a very unique and rare story. Today she is still remaining alone, isolated in one of the most extreme and inhospitable environment on our planet. She is surviving steadfast in her seclusion in the Sayan Mountains, 160 miles away from any other sign of civilization. Agafia’s family that escaped persecution and moved to Siberia in 1936 became famous in 1978 when Agafia was discovered by a team of Russian geologists. This event marked the end of their isolation and Agafia’s family became famous in Russia as the family of Siberian hermits who didn’t know that World War II took place!

See and follow this interesting story how a single person turn severe environments to a sustainable living home.

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