Life and Secrets of the Ethiopia’s “Death” Depression – The Hottest Place on Earth!

Global warming is something happening in the atmosphere but the earth itself is still cooling and the journey of evolution is slowly developing with new lands and oceans to be created. A paradox forcing the earth system to move in different directions, i.e. towards warmer atmosphere as forced by man and cooler earth’s interior due to natural processes. It is the very reality of our planet “Earth” where humans are struggling to survive in the middle of a paradox that they are part of it, but how long would life on earth continue to exist?


The Danakil Depression and the Rift Valley in general have secrets to tell. This so-called “Death” Depression is the hottest place on earth with an average annual temperature of 34.4 degrees centigrade “Celsius” day and night! There is already evidence of increasing volcanic activity that is happening even at a faster rate than ever known. The Danakil Depression is a junc-on of three tectonic plates with an earth crust thin enough for many processes to take place, e.g. tectonic and volcanic activities, development of new deposits, bubbling of gases, colorful acids and crystals as well as creation of salts. These are no ordinary volcano but they rather indicate active hydrothermal system near the earth’s surface with coupled interactions with the sea.

In the Death Depression where machines failed, humans succeeded and Afar camels are the perfect desert machines, as they don’t waste anything. Goats are, also, fit for these areas by being mountains and desert animals that can provide humans by milk and meat. However, the depression is unsafe and has harsh environment with fire wind, chemical minefields and no water. The unique Afar people work under such extreme desert-heat with salt mining and they are situated far away with no access to any modern services. The depression has world’s largest salt deposits by being lower than sea level, 120-170 meters below sea level,

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