Julian Huxley – The Human Race Will Be the Cancer of the Planet.

Julian Huxley (1887-1975) a zoologist, educator and writer who played a leading role in the creation of UNESCO “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization”. For twenty years Julian Huxley was the Vice-President of the International Commission for the History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind.

Rivers, lakes and deltas, and their catchments are major freshwater resources for the world populations. However, the increasing impacts of waste, pollution and sanitation during the past century, in particular after WW-II, caused major damage and degradation in many river and lake eco-systems around the world. We give here few examples of the most polluted rivers around the world.


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    Thank you for your kind information. It seems that we can support the livelihood, social aspects and the awareness of the people (including the children in the figure) and of the resources (in terms of food security not only conservation) to have a balance in the sustainable and equitable management of aquatic resources.
    Hope it is useful.

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