Renewables – European Challenges While Moving Towards A Super Grid.

Creation of a single electricity market in Europe has been moving in a positive direction. But, it is still a long way to go, particularly what regards the connection and integration of national electricity markets, the physical interconnections between Member States, and the promotion and facilitation of cross-border market-balancing. The same is true for the coordination of investment in generation, transmission and storage capacity. EU targets in areas such as climate change and energy security are additional challenges for achieving a single European electricity market. Renewable need to contribute to security of supply just as fossil fuel operators need to contribute to climate protection

In a single European energy market, the increasing penetration of renewables must be accommodated in a sustainable matter and this would require special considerations from the Member States. With increasing weight of renewables, the overall stability of the grid will certainly be ruined. The market is facing new challenges with the facilitation of self-consumption and peer-to-peer energy exchanges within distribution networks. Apart from technical and regulatory issues, the answers in every country are likely to differ because of the differences in energy mix and societal models. In this context, true pan-European market solutions can be favored over additional and scattered regulatory measures, as suggested below.

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