How Peaceful is Peaceful – 20 Most Peaceful Countries.

Security and safety of citizens are essential features of safe societies and although it seems like the world is becoming more crueler with increasing instabilities, The Global Peace Index indicates here the 20 most peaceful countries in the world. The Global Peace Index issued by IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) since 2007 gives data of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness as based on external and internal measures.

Among the essential features of the countries given here are that they prefer to focus on economic matters, building strong economies and creating a stable investment climate, trusted platforms for wealth management services and estate planning, instead of involving themselves in various armed conflicts. Many of these countries show great standards of living, have high levels of human development and place peace at the forefront of their priorities, e.g. they concentrate on being great neighbors, through establishing social, peaceful, economic, cordial political relations with other countries. Many of these countries work with the United Nations and its supporting agencies on a great variety of efforts, e.g. peacekeeping missions, and participate in various global, unilateral and multilateral organizations to promote international cooperation. They enjoy especially low rates of homicide, violent crime, criminality, organized internal conflicts, violent protests, internal and external wars fought, also, staying out of the main conflicts in the world. Sweden, for example, has a low level of robberies (only 9,000 a year) compared to the United States (about 350,000 a year)! Besides, Sweden has not been to war and has not participated in any combats for the whole 2 centuries. Many of these countries also enjoy political stabilities, neutrality in regional, international and global political issues while maintaining strong diplomatic relations with various countries around the world. Education in some of these countries is at the heart of literally everything, e,g. Finland’s education system is ranked fifth best in the world.

Many of these countries have unique culture diversity, fantastic travel destination, beautiful town halls, majestic castles, captivating and breathtaking natural beauty, alpine glaciers, golden plains and impressive mountains, spectacular coastline, sandy beaches and legendary hospitality, rugged landscape, wonderful fauna, awesome beaches and fantastic geothermal and volcanic activity. Many of them have vibrant, clean and safe cities with millennial heritage, spectacular scenery and friendly people.

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