Middle East – Railways for 250 Billion US Dollars

Follow the mega constructions in the Middle East region for the transformation to more a sustainable future where railways provide the most environment friendly and sustainable large-scale and long-term transportation system. Mr. Loay Ghazaleh, Advisor at the Undersecretary Offices, The Ministry of Works, Bahrain, describes in a comprehensive, pedagogic and innovative slideshow the ME “Middle East” Railway Development and PPP “Public Private Partnership” Financing Framework over the next ten years. A major shift in the transport sector of the Middle East with enormous investments that can bring about huge feedback advantages regarding mobility of goods and citizens.  

ABSTRACT. The Middle East has allocated nearly $250bn to various railway projects over the next 10 years with ambitious plan to build around 67,000km of railway tracks throughout the region. The region has the opportunity to build the world’s most advanced passenger and freight transport systems. The presentation touches on all aspects of railway development and strategies in the region including different Public private Partnership (PPP) models and financing / funding advice to better develop rail projects as a sustainable means of transport.


2 thoughts on “Middle East – Railways for 250 Billion US Dollars

  1. tariq

    I hope to be in the Middle East means of transportation safer and more sustainable than the existed , we suffer from transport in the Middle East, both in oil producing countries or other , as we need the support of the countries of the North in order to reduce pollution levels in the Middle East

    1. farideldaoushy Post author

      Clean air and clean water are essential and IMPERATIVE requirements for healthy life anywhere on the earth. Use of technology without implementation of appropriate, efficient and sustainable management policies of waste and pollution have considerable negative impacts on health and quality of life in all ecosystems. I would agree with you, Tariq Alhmaidi, that especially in northern Europe we have dealt with problem since many decades ago and we do enjoy relatively high levels of air and water quality as compared to many countries around the world. Transfer-of-knowledge and know-how as well as implementation of clean technologies can be achieved through many instruments, actions and cooperation programmes. Since 1990, I devoted continuous efforts, addressed initiatives and projects for solving pollution and waste problems in countries in the MENA and Nile Basin regions. So I do agree with you, I was successful to initiate, perform and lead research as well as to support implementation of such activities, e.g. within water and air quality, in Scandinavia and Europe. So no problem, you can get all the support you need in MENA and the Nile Basin countries. If you start not, on a time scale of 5-10 years you can have clean air and water in all the MENA and Nile Basin countries.


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