Iran – The Untold and Complex Story of Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

The story of Iran’s nuclear ambitions to have nuclear power started already in the 1970’s upon recommendation from Ford’s administration of the US. The US, France, Germany and the UK though that Iran can be a good client for the nuclear technology and the UK started collaborating with the Shah’s of Iran on his development of nuclear power. However, the situation changed after the revolution in Iran with withdrawal of the west from further collaboration with Iran what concerns the development of nuclear power.

Under pressure from finite fossil fuel reserves and scrutiny from the West, Iran’s nuclear program has had a difficult road. Here is the story of Iranian nuclear energy told from the other side.

“Iran has tried its best to have a pragmatic approach, not an ambitious approach”, claims the country’s ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh. A climate of suspicion and hostility has historically smothered any meaningful discussion of Iran’s right to nuclear technologies. The West accuses Iran of creating a ‘confidence deficit’ by pursuing a clandestine programme of enrichment; Iran sense hypocrisy, and claim to be singled out.  Ultimately, all parties acknowledge that a system that enshrines the right of the powerful to bend the rules is unsustainable. “The whole of the non-proliferation regime has elements of double-standards built into it”, concedes David Hannay, a member of the House of Lords. But will this consensus signal a move beyond the rhetoric to purposeful negotiation? “Iran has an opportunity to become the good boy of the world.”

One central issue what concerns the globalization of high-tech industries, and other emerging sustainable technologies, is how would we achieve sustainable socio-economic development around the world that involve secure and safe use of clean energy and water resources. However, there are many important political challenges what regards raising public awareness, promotion of supporting education and research programs that can solve society and populations needs. In this context, stronger engagement of all sectors and stakeholders are required for the conservation and protection our natural resources.

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