China’s Yangshan – The World Biggest Mega Port.

220 AD The Great Wall, 1420 AD The Forbidden City, 1997 AD Three Gorges Dam and 2002 AD China does again with the biggest construction project on earth in the middle of the deep ocean. That is to meet the 21st century where China’s export-import trade is exploding by nearly 30% each year and to support the heavy traffic from Yangtze River where there is considerable sedimentation of silt where it meets the ocean.

This China’s Ultimate Mega Port, The Yangshan Port, is one of the busiest cargo facilities on earth with the world biggest import-export trade. It has one of the most advanced and cutting edge control system in any container port around the world. It is 32 km off-shore and 15-20 meters deep, a 20 km cargo-port that can handle 25 million shipping containers in one year, i.e. 70 000 in just one day and to built it required thousand of million cubic meters of soil. It is built for loading and unloading gigantic containerships and linked to the main land China by the second world largest bridge.

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