Yacouba Sawadogo – The Man Who Stopped the Desert

An African farmer, who out of nothing, created a whole bio-diversity in a dry desert. An innovation “Yacouba’s Zai-techniques” that proved effective for fighting against desertification. The word Zai comes from the original word Zaigre which means to left up the land and dig holes, a simple approach that can very well compete with high-tech solutions. Yacouba’s innovation, also, a revolution that can be used for mitigation of climate change by bringing people together in friendly mobile workshops to turn the desert, and stony land, to cultivated land where farmers can invest in trees, improve there food security and also help people to adapt to climate change. These are emerging new possibilities for young people.

However, illiteracy is major obstacle in developing countries that brings with it new threats for any new idea thus are endangering what has been achieved so far. Whenever threats appear wise people without power always appeal to intellectuals and authorities rather that verbal violence that doesn’t benefit anybody rather than damage and losses for everybody including authorities.


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