Lessons to be Learned – Fall of “Berlin Wall” and “Petro-Dollar Wall”

Walls, in this case “geo-political” and “geo-economic” walls, are built for some reasons, raised and kept in place by some powers. However, with time they get gradually eroded. In this process of erosion, it is not if they will collapse or not but rather when the final collapse will be a reality. The collapse of huge “geo-political” and “geo-economic” walls is not of a small-scale and an over-night process. In any case, the suffering from the collapse has enormous large-scale and long-term impacts as the generated collapse and ruins shake and hits multiple of populations across many borders and for many years. Germany is an example of what “geo-political” walls can bring to populations and how the ruins after disastrous wars, raising and falling walls can be restored. In this context, “geo-economic” walls are not exceptions in history and what is happening in the MENA region is just a playback of history.

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