Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Feed-Food-Fibre-Fuel from agriculture, forest and farming are all dependent on landuse and water resources. However in arid and semi-arid areas, unlike temperate regions, water scarcity can be a major problem and energy are frequently required to use underground water for agriculture and farming. In all cases, i.e. even when water is available, waste from agriculture, farming and associated household applications can result in degradation of water quality. Energy is, always, required for treating used water and because of this “food-energy-water” are usually treated as essential policy-components for achieving sustainable socio-economic developments in many countries around the world and whenever necessary. This requires long-term and large-scale coordination of inter-disciplinary and inter-sectorial solutions with involvement of all stakeholders both on vertical and horizontal levels. These policies and solutions require appropriate public awareness, capacity building and skilled expertise with the suitable monitoring and management infra-structures and assessment instruments. These combined actions will have long-term positive feedback on economy, affordability and accessibility of food. An example on the interplay between food, energy and water is given below.!

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      @Moonsanghoon, tell us more about the relevance of OECD193 for providing sustainable solutions in connection with the addressed issue.


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